Site Evaluation

Choosing a Suitable Site for Your Home

We offer a free, no-obligation site appraisal where we evaluate your site from a building perspective, ensuring that your chosen site is suitable for your intended new home. A site evaluation is an important first step in the building process, regardless of whether you’re looking at buying a section, subdividing a property or simply building on an existing site that you own.

Our New Home Sales Consultant will visit you on-site to discuss the pros and cons of your chosen section, providing you with the benefit of over 20 years experience in the building and development industry. We understand how stressful it can be choosing a potential building site for your dream home and want to ensure that your chosen site is suited to your specific lifestyle and budget.

We will help you assess the following:

  • How well the site will accommodate you and your new home.
  • Possible hidden excavation, landscaping or build costs you may be unaware of.
  • Estimated build costs associated with a particular section to achieve your desired end result.
  • How well the site is suited for the home that you have in mind and possible build options.
  • Site orientation and how you could best position a house to make the most of the sun.
  • Obstacles that need to be removed or allowed for (e.g. trees or existing dwellings).
  • Resource consents that may be required.

Request a Free, No-Obligation Site Evaluation

Looking to buy a section for your new home?

Find out if your chosen section is suited to your intended new home and budget prior to making a decision that could cost you down the track. We can also help you find a suitable site if required.

Building on a section you already own?

Our sales consultant and in-house design team will help you explore your building options on your site, along with identifying any possible challenges that you may initially be unaware of.

Subdividing an existing property?

Drawing upon 20 years’ professional building and development experience, we can assist you in making the most of your section without blowing your budget.

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