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Subdividing Your Land

There has never been a better time to think about subdividing your land than in today’s housing market. Rising property prices, shortages in housing and lack of land available are pressing issues impacting the housing market nationwide.

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Home Maintenance Tips

Many modern homes are described as ‘low maintenance’, but there is no such thing as a maintenance-free home. Find out how to maintain, improve and add value to your property over the summer months.

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Factors in the Current Housing Market

While house prices are expected to drop in the near term, economist Tony Alexander points out six factors to think about in the current market as we are headed towards an unexpected recession.

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Financing Your Build

Building in 2020? The team at RPS know just how important it is to find the right lender for you and your new home – and we are here to help.

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Building Tiri’s Palace

RPS and Evoke had taken on the challenge of designing and building an outdoor playhouse for Tiri, a young girl suffering from a rare blood disorder that makes her allergic to sunlight.

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Tips for Designing Your Home

The team at Building Guide have collated a list of handy tips to guide you through the initial stages of your home build journey.

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