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Sections for Sale in Cambridge

July 14, 2021

You will be aware of the shortage of sections in the Cambridge Market, an opportunity has arisen with three sites coming onto the market in Norfolk Downs Subdivision. Transland Developments (the developer for Norfolk Downs Subdivision) has put to the market the below three sites. They will be for sale by Tender, with all Tenders to be submitted to Cambridge Real Estate offices by 4:00 PM on Thursday, 29 July 2021.


31B Isobel Hodgson Drive (Lot 106 Stage 3)

This is a 641m2 rear site and is located next to the large dirt pile currently in place.

31C Isobel Hodgson Drive (Lot 107 Stage 3)

This is a 604m2 road-front section located in front of 31B Isobel Hodgson Drive.

13 Terry Came Drive (Lot 32 Stage 1)

This is a 556m2 section on Terry Came Drive, almost across the road from the entrance to The Oaks.


All three sections have Transland’s Land Covenants and Design Guidelines in place, which we are very familiar with due to the significant work we have done in this subdivision. If you are interested in this opportunity to build your dream home in Cambridge but would like to discuss it further, I am happy to help with an indication of costings, timeframes, etc.


Kind regards,
Neil Parkinson

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