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Looking for a Building Site?

May 26, 2020

RPS Homes understand how stressful it can be choosing a potential building site for your dream home which is why we are here to help. We want to make sure that your chosen site is suitable for your intended new home, family needs and budget.

A site appraisal is an important first step in the building process, regardless of whether you’re looking at buying a section, subdividing a property or simply building on an existing site that you own.

Our free, no-obligation site appraisal

At RPS Homes, we offer a free, no-obligation site appraisal where we evaluate your site or section from a building perspective, assisting you in your journey towards building your dream home.

We will visit you on-site to discuss the pros and cons of your section giving you the benefit of our many years of experience in the building industry.

This includes helping you assess:

  • How well the site will accommodate you and your new home.
  • Possible hidden excavation, landscaping or build costs you may be unaware of.
  • Estimated build costs associated with a particular section to achieve your desired end result.
  • How well the site is suited for the home that you have in mind and possible build options to be within your budget.

We can also assist with helping you to obtain and understand:

  • The survey/title plan of the site with boundary distances and bearings.
  • A copy of the subdivision soil report if available.
  • What services are available to the site and their location to the site, i.e. power, water, gas and council stormwater, and sewer connections.
  • A copy of the covenants for the site.
  • If a rural site a copy of the resource consent that was issued for the development which will indicate any special conditions or exceptions that are in place.


Contact Neil today to arrange your free, no-obligation site appraisal.
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