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What if going outdoors was ‘always’ dangerous?

October 7, 2019

AND SUNLIGHT WAS THE HURTING AGENT? That’s the reality that little Tiri faces every day. Like every New Zealand child, she’d love to play outdoors, but Tiri must be ultra-careful due to a rare blood disorder that makes her allergic to light. What is warm, comforting sunshine to us is a torturous burning for Tiri.

But she’s five and still wants to play outside. How can this be done?

For some time, Tiri has wanted her own playhouse, a space where she and her friends can have outside fun in safety. When RPS heard about Tiri’s situation, we knew we could help: we could build that playhouse for her.

As you can imagine, an ordinary playhouse won’t do; something special has to be designed. The first step or RPS was getting: what features would “Tiri’s Palace” need in order to keep her safe? Here’s the list of design ‘must haves’:

  • The ‘palace’ needed to be two-storied, bigger than a typical playhouse to enable…
  • Windows needed to be tinted with a special film to filter the harmful aspects of sunlight
  • A code-compliant staircase. Tiri’s lack of mobility meant that a typical ladder to the top floor wasn’t a safe option. A proper staircase was needed.
  • A block-out shade covering the route from the house to the play house.
  • Specialty light bulbs to provide interior light (standard light bulbs burn Tiri’s skin)
  • Tiri’s Wish List: Tiri wanted several fun-features in her palace. A fireman’s pole, a slide, swings (Tiri’s not into swings herself, but her friends are!).

Time to get designing!