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We’ve built plenty of homes, but none like this…

October 17, 2019

AN OUTDOOR PLAYHOUSE THAT PROTECTS FROM SUNLIGHT. That’s effectively the design brief RPS Homes took on in an effort to help young Tiri, the brave, wee girl suffering from a blood disorder that makes her allergic to light.

During the first stage of developing a design, we sat down with Tiri’s parents and came to grips with the sunlight dangers that Tiri needed to be shielded from. The next task was taking that list of “must haves” and turning it into an actual design. READ MORE.

EVOKE Architectural Designer, Carl Hemmingson, was tasked with creating the first draft of the playhouse. To create the design, Carl started by listening to Tiri’s family about what TIRI needed and wanted. SLIDES were a must for Tiri, but not SWINGS since the back-and-forth motion made her feel ill.

After getting the family’s feedback and a bit of inspiration from PINTEREST, Carl created an initial floor plan and render.

Because the goal was to get Tiri’s playhouse built before Christmas, it was necessary to avoid being slowed down with building consents. That meant a conversation with Council. Council advised Carl on best way to proceed with minimal restrictions, which included lowering the height of the playhouse.

Once Council modifications were made, the new design was sent back to Jemma (Tiri’s mum) for feedback. Fewer windows were required, which led to further amendments. The images on this post is where the design is currently at.

NEXT STAGE: Getting other suppliers on board