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Tiri’s Palace: The more the merrier!

October 25, 2019

RPS Homes and EVOKE had taken on the challenge of designing and building a SUN-SHIELDING playhouse for Tiri, the young lass suffering from a rare blood disorder that makes her allergic to sunlight. Careful DESIGN is obviously a key component, but great designs need the input of others to become a reality.

That’s when RPS Homes turned to their building partners. READ MORE.

For the building materials, we approached our good friends at CARTERS who were quick to throw in their support. LEE ROOFING also stepped up brilliantly with the roofing for Tiri’s playhouse, as did ALITECH with windows and doors, and EDGEWORX with the scaffolding.

Who will actually build Tiri’s Palace? Labour (and muffins for the workers) will be supplied by RPS Homes. The more the merrier!